The Art of B2B Selling from a Proven Sales Leader


Over the past decade, the sales process continues to get more complex and competitive. Digital transformation has completely reshaped customer engagement, and as a result, redefined sales organizations. According to Revegy’s Mark Kopcha, “buyers today are smarter with where they put their money, and the buyer is becoming more sophisticated. The cornerstone of success is customer intelligence.”


To keep up with these changes, companies have invested heavily in sales tools and automation. However, many have fallen short and a large portion of these companies are not experiencing the return on investment that they had expected. In many enterprises, there is little awareness of what it takes to determine customers’ unique definition of value and how to proliferate this throughout the company.


There is a real “art” to establishing true B2B sales excellence. This requires striking the right balance of discipline and process with relationship selling, alignment with the buyer’s journey and strategic management of accounts. In this post, we will dive into the sales transformation story of JDA, a company that has mastered this art.



JDA – Centering Sales Strategy on Collaborative Account Planning to Yield Predictable Buying Cycles


JDA is a leading provider of end-to-end, integrated retail and supply chain planning and execution solutions for more than 4,000 customers worldwide. With a wide array of products across a powerful suite of supply chain and retail planning solutions, they have a more complex sales model than most.


They struggled to provide coordinated sales and account management efforts to prospects and customers who were often dealing with multiple JDA tech and service offerings, all managed by separate internal organizations. They only had a 3 – 6 month predictable revenue forecast for existing customer accounts. Their transactional, one-size-fits-all approach to managing accounts was preventing them from delivering strategic value and becoming an essential advisor to clients.


They outlined the following goals for an account planning strategy that would address their issues:

  • Drive customer loyalty, resulting in retention, renewal and additional revenue opportunities
  • Grow revenue through better customer insight and alignment
  • Drive deeper account penetration and sustainable business alignment
  • Increase revenue predictability and extend the forecast horizon


As part of a company-wide sales transformation initiative, they combined license sales and consulting sales organizations into a single organization. They realigned the account engagement model based on global, regional, named and net new logo accounts. Now, each segment is aligned to a specific team of JDA resources who are focused on catering to the needs of a prospect or account, delivering more relevant, specialized value.


To support this, they adopted strategic sales planning and deal execution technology, which gave teams a powerful, visual platform that illustrates the key relationships needed to develop and nurture, how to be strategic in the sales approach and how to deliver the right information to the right buyer persona at the right time in the evaluation process.


The impact of this technology led to customers calling to ask about solutions, rather than reps chasing accounts, a simplified sales process and accelerated the buying cycle, more consistent customer value and experience through partner channels, and improved efficiency and effectiveness of the license and sales service organizations


Quique Rodriguez, EVP and Chief Sales Officer claims, “We must be essential to our customers! One of the ways to drive this is to employ and institutionalize a proactive and persistent account engagement program.”


To learn more about JDA’s success, check out the full JDA Success Story attached.


Sales Strategy Planning and Execution Tools to Win More Deals


As part of these sales strategies, JDA used Revegy sales tools. Read our eBook “The Art of B2B Selling” to learn more about how Revegy helps sales organizations see how to win more deals and grow customer relationships.


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