Building an Enterprise of Challenger Sellers and Managers

Great Customer Service Does Not Lead to Customer Growth

In today’s rapidly changing B2B sales landscape, sales organizations must evolve the way that they sell. At the CEB Sales and Marketing Summit, industry experts addressed this challenge with a series of sessions designed to boost attendees’ ability to adapt and thrive in the unique B2B enterprise sales world, with a major trend being the Challenger® sales model.

During one of the most collaborative panels, sales execs from Shell Oil Company, Kerry Inc. and Charles River Laboratories discussed the value of building an organization of challenger account managers. They discussed how in the past, sales teams were taught to focus on product success and service but pointed out that there is no statistical significant relationship between service and growth. They stressed that today’s account managers should instead focus on customer improvement, which is all about leading with compelling insights, to drive real growth. CEB defines leading with commercial insight as the following activities:

  • Bringing a critical, fresh perspective on customers’ business
  • Laying out a vision for improving customers’ business
  • Providing customers with unique, valuable perspective on their business
  • Outlining the ROI of supplier-customer relationship

To meet growth goals, account managers must adopt a more consultative approach to help their clients discover unrealized business opportunities.

Master Challenger Selling by Leading with Customer Insight

B2B companies are facing an added challenge as the power has shifted from the seller to the buyer. In today’s digital world, customers have access to more information than ever. According to Mark Kopcha, CEO of Revegy, “Buyers today are much more careful with where they invest their money, and as a result the buyer is becoming increasingly sophisticated. The cornerstone of sales success in 2017 and beyond is leveraging customer intelligence to align your products or services to the buyers’ business needs.”

Furthermore, more stakeholders are involved in purchasing decisions, and customers have more options to solve their business needs. As a result, customers do not interact with sellers until much later in the buying journey.

Because of this, leading sales teams are changing the way that they interact with customers. While they focused on delivering product features and services in the past, they are now focusing on delivering disruptive insights – information that teaches customers something completely new about their business. Savvy customers are looking for sales reps to give them unique and valuable perspectives that will ultimately help their bottom line.

To educate customers on unrealized opportunities and give them the insights that they expect, you need more than just CRM – you must have purpose-built tools designed to unlock the customer intelligence necessary to drive growth.

Gain Customer Intelligence with Revegy

Revegy’s customer-centric sales planning and execution platform with built in visualization provides enterprise sales teams with the clarity they need to uncover customer challenges, identify high value revenue opportunities and maximize the lifetime value of key accounts.

By unlocking the value of data formerly sequestered in traditional manual sales processes, we deliver actionable insights that provide a clear and single view of the customer that is absolute and complete, enabling you to align products and services directly to your customer’s goals and objectives.

With Revegy, you will be able to bring customers a critical, fresh perspective on their business, lay out a vision for improvement, and outline the ROI of your value in the supplier-customer relationship.

Oracle coached 75% of its largest deals by revenue last year using the Revegy platform and framework to reinforce their hybrid Challenger sales model.

CHALLENGER® is a registered trademark of CEB, Inc. Revegy is not affiliated with or endorsed by CEB, Inc.

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