Challenger Selling In Action: Visual Tools for Execution

Opportunity Planning

The Challenger™ selling model teaches the skills necessary to bring value to the customer buying journey, but how do you reinforce these behaviors on an ongoing basis? In our recent webinar, Bringing Sales Methodologies to Life inside CRM, Revegy’s VP of Strategy, Tim Braman, and Melisa Powers, Director of Sales Enablement for McAfee, shared practical takeaways for reinforcing and executing sales methodologies as part of reps’ daily workflow.

This brief demonstration illustrates how world-class companies like McAfee are leveraging visual maps and navigational tools to operationalize and execute the Challenger sales model inside of their CRM. Highlights include:

  • Relationship power maps
  • Commercial insights strategy maps
  • Execution playbooks
  • Opportunity qualification scorecards

Bringing Sales Methodologies to Life inside CRM

If you want to learn more about how to bring any sales methodology to life inside your CRM, check out the full webinar. You will learn how to take static methodologies from theory to practice with dynamic, guided workflows and sales enablement tools inside any CRM. Additionally, you’ll learn how McAfee transformed their corporate sales methodology into a repeatable, measurable, and predictable framework for mapping value across the buyers journey.


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