Who’s Your Sales Caddy?

Opportunity Planning

¬†Forgive us for perpetuating the stereotype that salespeople love golf – We can’t help it! We’re big fans…Which is why we couldn’t resist the urge to expand on a recently published infographic by Salesforce, “Sales Lessons Learned from Golf.” It generally equates the game of golf to the business of sales (and offers some interesting metrics that everyone in our industry should read).

What really caught our attention was the CRM-to-Golf-Cart comparison. It couldn’t be more true! CRM solutions are incredible tools for moving sales activities along at a faster speed, similar to the way that a golf cart can effortlessly move you down the fairway. But does a golf cart improve how effectively you play?

Unless you’re a scratch golfer (with a leg cramp) on a sweltering day, the answer is NO. When you step out of the cart and up to your ball, it’s up to you to perform…And there are many, many factors that can affect your game: the course, the weather, the club you choose for each stroke, your level of experience. The list goes on and on.

Guess what: there’s this thing called a “caddy,” and its whole purpose of being is to guide and support you throughout the game! You might not know it, but there’s a similar tool out there for B2B sellers. It’s called sales effectiveness software and it can help with your sales game.


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