How McAfee Brings Challenger Selling to Life

Opportunity Planning

In our recent webinar, Bringing Sales Methodologies to Life inside CRM, Melisa Powers, Director of Sales Enablement for McAfee, shared practical takeaways for reinforcing and executing sales methodologies as part of reps’ daily workflow. In particular, she discussed how they operationalize the Challenger sales methodology for repeatable, measurable deal execution.

They found that salespeople who showed customers that they understood their business – those that crafted that buying vision – ended up winning, even in highly competitive opportunity situations. Executives buy from the seller who crafts the buyer’s vision.

Watch this clip to learn how McAfee:

  • Aligned with how buyers are making buying decisions
  • Improved executive value conversations
  • Delivered a process that created predictable and repeatable results
  • Provides sales with the tools and resources they need, when they need them

Bringing Sales Methodologies to Life inside CRM

If you want to learn more about how to bring sales methodologies to life inside your CRM, check out the full webinar. You will learn how to take static methodologies from theory to practice with dynamic, guided workflows and sales enablement tools focused on execution. Additionally, you’ll see a live demo of the visual tools companies are using to reinforce their processes using the Challenger™ sales model as an example.

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