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Watch our 5-minute interactive product tour to get a glimpse inside Revegy’s purpose-built platform, designed to address the unique complexities of large, global key accounts. Want a more in-depth look at the technology? Schedule a virtual demo with one of our key account management experts today.

Revegy puts the power of visualization to work in account planning to expose what really matters to your most strategic customers. Put simply, we translate customer intelligence into value for your client and revenue for you. CRMs weren’t designed to address the complexity and depth of analysis, planning or governance required from large, global, matrixed accounts, so Revegy offers a purpose-built, enterprise-class platform that integrates with any CRM to deliver a deeper understanding of the customer’s business, a roadmap to coordinate the sales approach and an executable plan for maximizing account revenue in key account landscapes. From here, key account managers can take account planning from a theoretical exercise to operational execution that drives long-term value and growth.

Let’s take a look at some of the capabilities.


Relationship Maps to Visualize and Focus Sales Strategy

Revegy’s relationship maps deliver a clear understanding of the customer’s internal and political structure showing influencers and decision makers, how they’re connected, the status of your relationship, and their preference level for your solutions. The map also reveals the unique goals and priorities of each individual, enabling you to focus your strategy and solutions on what matters most to build value and trust with the people driving the business.

Strategy Maps to Execute Sales Goals

Revegy’s strategy map enables you to document the company’s overarching goals, challenges and priorities across the corporate landscape so you can align your solutions directly to the areas that are funded, and help the client achieve their business objectives.

White Space Maps to Uncover Revenue Opportunities

White space maps enable you to uncover new revenue and expansion opportunities by charting the product landscape intersected with potential, active and closed opportunities, revealing customers’ near-term buying plans and long-term needs. By visualizing the footprint of your solutions, including where your competitors’ products are being used, you can clearly identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities for deeper penetration.

Customer Scorecards to Identify Risks and Prospects

Customer scorecards allow you to assess and monitor the health of your most valuable accounts, identifying which are at risk and which are ripe for growth. Areas like relationships, current value, and future potential get mapped onto an account prioritization grid which categorizes clients on a quadrant with the upper half of the chart denoting accounts that show immediate and future revenue potential while the bottom half  left indicates accounts that don’t warrant a significant investment of time or resources. To mark the transition from planning to executable tactics and activities, the goals and action plan enables stakeholders to align tasks with a defined set of objectives directly tied to delivering value to the client.

Revegy also offers an intuitive birds-eye view across the landscape of all your strategic clients through the lens of the three most important areas impacting key account growth: relationships, customer success and revenue. By pinpointing the accounts that are at risk, leaders can focus their attention on the most critical areas. By drilling down into the accounts that require attention, managers can coach account reps on the specific issues from their account plans that stand in the way of delivering value and deepening penetration.

Seeing is believing – schedule a demo to see how world class sales teams use the power of pictures to uncover immediate pipeline opportunities and drive predictable, long-term revenue streams.

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