Unlocking Account-Based Sales: Is Your CRM Enough?

account management software

In the competitive B2B landscape, focusing on specific high-value accounts has proven to be a vital strategy for long-term success. Key accounts are identified as a company’s most valuable clients. They are the most likely to bring in big chunks of revenue and build lasting relationships. Unlike traditional sales methods that cast a wide net, […]

Setting Sales Quotas for Sales Operations Leaders

Sales Quotas

What are Sales Quotas? Sales quotas are the pre-established objectives that a salesperson or a sales team must achieve within a designated time frame. Quotas can be defined as revenue goals, units sold, or new customers acquired. Meeting these targets contributes to organizational success. But sales quotas can also be designed to challenge sales reps […]

Become the Sales GOAT – Future-Proof Strategic Account Management

Become the Sales GOAT - Adopt Proactive, Future-Proof Strategic Account Management

In today’s business world, strategic account management and account planning are key to using your marketing and sales resources wisely to increase sales. Unlike traditional sales performance tracking and reporting methodologies, digital tools, such as account management software and sales execution platforms, empower you to target the customers most likely to purchase your goods or […]

Mastering B2B Enterprise Sales: 4 Strategies to Focus your B2B Sales Team

b2b enterprise sales

B2B enterprise sales usually take six months or more, as they involve multiple stakeholders and big money—just some of the challenges sales teams face in the enterprise space. Selling to enterprises requires a strategic and focused approach beyond traditional SMB tactics. With longer sales cycles, multiple stakeholders, and higher risks, enterprise sales team structure becomes […]

From Prospect to Profit: Mastering Sales Pipeline Management

sales pipeline management

Imagine a world where your business experiences a staggering 18% more revenue growth.  Now, hold that thought.  What if we told you there’s a game-changing way to catapult your growth even further?  Brace yourself for this detail! Companies that master the art of sales pipeline management achieve a mind-blowing 28% more revenue growth! Yes, you […]

Unlocking Account Growth with Strategic Account Management

account growth strategy

What is Strategic Account Management and Why It Matters Strategic Account Management (SAM) manages and grows relationships with an organization’s most critical and high-value customers. It involves deploying specialized resources, processes, and technologies to identify, develop, and execute account-specific growth strategies. SAM is vital for organizations looking to drive sustainable revenue growth and maximize customer […]

How Customer Relationship Mapping Shortens the Sales Cycle

Many B2B companies sell into the enterprise market, which often means deals are large, complex, and long-cycle. These deals have come to be known as “megadeals.” These types of deals involve a higher-than-average number of stakeholders and decision-makers. Many of whom have conflicting goals and needs.   In a recent McKinsey article, Landing the Megadeal – […]

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