Dive Deep into the Modern Sales Landscape with “Sales on the Move” Recap

sales webinar

In our most recent webinar, “Sales on the Move: Embracing Agility for a Changing Sales Journey,” Luiz Martins, the CMO of Revegy, dived into the evolving landscape of the sales journey. With the backdrop of a world still grappling with the aftermath of the pandemic, the webinar attracted nearly 1,500 registrants eager to understand the […]

Mastering B2B Enterprise Sales: 4 Strategies to Focus your B2B Sales Team

b2b enterprise sales

B2B enterprise sales usually take six months or more, as they involve multiple stakeholders and big money—just some of the challenges sales teams face in the enterprise space. Selling to enterprises requires a strategic and focused approach beyond traditional SMB tactics. With longer sales cycles, multiple stakeholders, and higher risks, enterprise sales team structure becomes […]

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