5 Tactics When Your Team Isn’t Hitting Their Numbers

We understand the stress that sales leaders face every day – coaching, building reports, motivating, ensuring effective communication. We also know that the biggest pressure you face is to ensure your organization’s success by hitting your numbers.

Harvard Business Review Features Revegy as Top Account Management Tool

CRM for account management

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, Bain & Company partners Mark Kovac and Jamie Cleghorn discussed the importance of preparing sales teams for a recession before it hits. They addressed which areas sales organizations should focus on to prepare for the next recession and highlighted the value of digital tools. In the article, Kovac and Cleghord recommended […]

Driving Key Account Growth: Critical Components

Strategic Sales Planning to Drive Growth

Key Accounts are a B2B company’s most strategic, valuable and long term clients. Many organizations find that penetrating these complex accounts in a strategic, successful way can be even more difficult than getting the first piece of business. One of the major factors keeping B2B key account teams from achieving their goals is that the […]

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