The Sales Maturity Quiz

Sales Maturity Quiz
Like your children, maturity comes with time and nurture (and maybe some tears). Many organizations start with an Ad Hoc process, and after a lot of trial and error, an organization might find its way to an integrated approach. Some companies don’t ever move past Ad Hoc. It just depends on how much emphasis you want to place on being a more strategic partner to customers.

Take this quiz to find out where you land in the sales maturity model. Knowledge is the first step.

1. Are you regularly coaching your team?
2. Are you using relationship maps to diagnose the health of a deal?
3. Do you have a plan laid out for prospecting?
4. When forecasting, are you considering historical data, economic conditions, industry trends, relevant policy changes, and product updates?
5. How do you work with your marketing team?
6. Do you have a value proposition?
7. Are you using technology to help guide your sales process?

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