Webinar: Bringing Sales Methodologies to Life Inside CRM

Even the most promising sales methodology begins as a theoretical strategy.  Beyond training, how can you ensure it delivers value to your real-world sales organization? In our recent webinar, we were joined by Melisa Powers, Director of Sales Enablement for McAfee, who shared practical takeaways for reinforcing and executing sales methodologies as part of reps’ daily workflow.

Making Methodology Count

It’s clear that “Best in Class” companies that take an aggressive approach to ongoing reinforcement of methodologies at both the rep AND manager level have a huge advantage to companies that do not. Research shows that as much as 87% of new skills are forgotten within a month if not reinforced in daily operations.

It is critical to develop a repeatable and measurable framework to bring your corporate sales methodologies to practice.

Watch our webinar and learn:

  • How to take static methodologies from theory to practice with dynamic, guided workflows and sales enablement tools inside any CRM
  • How McAfee transformed their corporate sales methodology into a repeatable, measurable, and predictable framework for value selling
  • See a live demo of the visual tools companies are using to reinforce their processes using the Challenger sales model as an example

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