How Oracle Empowers Customers by Simplifying Account Planning


This past week, Denise Matalas, VP of Strategic Programs for Oracle’s National Security Group joined us on a webinar to discuss Oracle’s approach to account planning.

As VP of Strategic Programs, Denise is responsible for developing the National Security Group’s go-to-market strategy. She also coaches sales teams on complex sales and account planning. Denise and her team focus on people, process and technology as a way to drive key account growth within their organization.

Denise discussed the unique challenges that companies face when selling into government and highly regulated, compliance-heavy public and defense sectors. She and her teams have evolved their approach to strategic account planning over time to better penetrate and grow their large, complex key accounts. View the recorded webinar to learn more about some of the key strategies and takeaways including:

• Leveraging technology to drive collaboration, coordination, and coaching
• Reinforcing best practices with consistent process and visual mapping tools
• How Oracle achieved trusted advisor status in the U.S. Intelligence Community

When dealing with complex sales cycles and tight restrictions on sharing knowledge, it was extremely important to find a way to leverage account planning that would foster collaboration and encourage critical thinking skills. Denise shares how they did this, as well as the role that executive leadership played in reinforcing account planning as discipline.