Drive Predictable Revenue

If companies excel at strategic opportunity planning, 70% of their reps make quota.

Miller Heiman, 2018 Sales Effectiveness Study

Watch Mark Kopcha, Revegy CEO discuss the benefits operationalizing your sales methodology.

Built for every sales manager who’s ever spent a million dollars on a methodology that only 12 people are using.

Increase Win Rates

Establish proven, repeatable, and transparent sales processes that are driven by verifiable outcomes.

Prioritize the Right Opportunities

Not all deals are created equal. Evaluate the revenue potential, risks, timeliness, and likelihood of a sale to determine where to focus your attention.

Forecast Accurately

You thought the deal would close next week but the client knew there were three other decision makers that had to be looped into the conversation. See all the forces at play to make more accurate forecasts.

We’ve all been there…


The deal was going to make your quarter, then it vanished. You didn’t see the other priorities competing for your client’s attention. Or that detractor you thought was on your side. Or that your team spent months nurturing a key stakeholder who isn’t key and may not even be a stakeholder.

Never Get Blindsided Again

See the People

See who’s really making the decisions, who’s on your side, and who’s influencing whom.

See the Priorities

Map your clients’ individual and strategic goals to the value you can add.

See the Progress

Improve forecast accuracy by tracking sales activity and verifiable buyer milestones.

Strategic Integrations and Partnerships

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