Engage & Develop

Sales Execution Technology to Jumpstart Revenue Growth

We get it — change can be daunting.

To help enable your success, Revegy has developed a way to progress your account-based sales execution without overwhelming your team. Companies looking to dip a toe into a new sales platform can benefit from our Engage & Develop offering. This platform offering sets your team up with simple starting points to develop a structured, consistent approach to sales execution.

relationship maps

Relationship Maps

Understand who has authority, who influences whom, and influencers’ role in account expansion or complex deals. Maintain and build relationships with key decision-makers throughout the customer lifecycle.

strategy maps

Goals and Objectives

Visualization increases your team’s effectiveness, providing a consistent way to share intel, assign tasks, remove internal silos, and eliminate blind spots.

mutual plans

Mutual Plans

Creating a joint plan of action with your customer is essential to successfully managing a sales cycle from Stage 1 to Closed-Won. Clarity and collaboration on critical steps gives both parties a path to success.

usage reporting

Usage Reporting

Keep an eye on platform utilization with clear and easy reporting. Your customer success manager will help you interpret usage reports, making adoption and compliance tracking a breeze.

These easy-to-use tools get you started on a path to unifying people, process, and technology, ensuring your team’s success. Enable your sales team to identify the right key stakeholders and gain a realistic view into account health and the path to close. Most importantly, start accelerating your revenue growth.

Ready to Change Your Sales Game?