Ensure consistent execution of your sales strategy across your entire revenue team with Revegy’s Enterprise offering. Enable next-level collaboration, expand existing accounts, and drive new deals.

Advanced Account and Opportunity Plans

Collaborate with your prospects and customers to gain creditability and insight using visual tools to document key business goals and initiatives. Pinpoint initiatives that are immediate priorities and align your solution in a way that communicates a line of sight to the value added.

Account & Opportunity Playbooks

Simplify the management of complex opportunities and accounts by leveraging intelligent tools and multiple playbooks. Drive consistency and execution of winning playbooks among your account teams to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Whitespace Analysis

Find the optimal path to revenue by uncovering unmet needs and aligning your solutions. Account teams can quickly identify value-add upsell and cross-sell opportunities, track competitor footprints, and give revenue leaders insight into expansion plans.

Call Plans

Allow your teams to effectively prepare for and execute important customer meetings with a collaboration space to set expectations, define common goals, and drive accountability. Layer in intelligence gained after each call to build a clear picture of the opportunity.

Confidently see into the future and rest easy knowing that your team is on track to reach your goals.

Ensure everyone on the revenue team is executing the strategy and leveraging insights to eliminate blind spots proactively—benefit from improved visibility, increased sales velocity, and consistent execution of the strategy.

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