[Whitepaper] Why Forecasting Is Still a Shot in the Dark

Forecasting needs to be forward-looking and predictive of what deals will close based on behaviors happening in real-time. Leaders commonly rely on CRM analytics to help inform the forecast. Unfortunately, analytics only give you a look in the rearview mirror. More often than not, those numbers are informed by a gut feel from your reps.

Companies with sales funnel stages defined by the customer buying journey had 33% more accurate sales forecasting and 40% more salespeople making quota, according to Aberdeen Consulting Group. To achieve better forecast accuracy, sales leaders need a playbook for their teams – a series of plays that push sales reps to identify the verifiable outcomes aligned with how the customer buys. An evidence-based sales process is the only path to accurate sales forecasting.

Keep reading to learn how to get your reps aligned with the customer journey… and on the road to success!


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