See the People

Everything’s moving forward on your biggest sale to one of your key customers. Your goal of growing the account by 20% is finally within reach. And then, bam. The whole deal gets shot down by a regional director you didn’t even know about. Or an LOB leader you thought was on board. Or a skeptical outside consultant who had far more influence than you realized. To avoid getting blindsided, you’ve got to find a way to see all the players, how they’re connected, and who’s really on your side.

Revegy helps you see the people.  Not just the names and phone numbers, but who’s really making the decisions, who’s on your side, and who’s influencing whom.  When you can see the people, you can see the way to win.

See the Priorities

You’ve got a great solution. You know your client needs it. But you’re not exactly sure how it fits into your client’s overall strategic plan for the year. And you haven’t seen all the other priorities competing for your client’s attention. So you end up blindsided. By the urgent executive-led project that just took priority over every other initiative. Or the pending office relocation that’s stealing budget. You know you need to plan around these priorities – but how can you, when you can’t even see them?

Revegy helps you see the priorities – not just your primary contact’s wish list, but the strategic goals of the entire organization and how they cascade throughout every department. When you can see the priorities, you can see the way to win.

See the Progress

Your revenue forecast is off. And you know exactly why. That major client who renews every year like clockwork? Well, this time they didn’t. You race to set up phone calls, offer discounts, and do anything else you can to rescue the relationship, but every effort confirms your worst fear – that it’s already too late. According to your CRM, you did everything right. So why didn’t you see this coming soon enough to stop it?

Revegy helps you see the progress – not just a list of clients ranked by revenue, but what they’re spending with your competitors, which accounts need the most attention, and how much income you can actually count on for next quarter’s forecast.  When you can see the progress, you can see the way to win.