Sales Leaders

The Right Relationships Change the Game

Empower your team to develop the right relationships within key accounts, identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and build predictable a path to sales success.

It Starts With People

The key to winning more sales is creating deeper relationships with prospects and customers. Our sales execution platform makes it easy for sales teams to dive into complex accounts, gain strategic insights, and close more deals. Revegy provides sales teams with a blueprint so they can see the way to win.®

No one said enterprise sales was easy (but we can make it easier). Revegy maps key account relationships, identifies critical connections, and centralizes the data so that it’s visible across account teams.

When you connect your solution to your customers’ most pressing needs and goals, everybody wins. Account insights gleaned from Revegy make doing so easier, empowering your reps to build more compelling business cases.

Surprises are fun for birthdays, but they’re not what you want for sales forecasting. Revegy’s holistic view of enterprise account relationships and opportunities increases the predictability of your pipeline.

You know there’s more potential in your key accounts. Revegy reveals what’s possible by extracting account intelligence and pointing sales reps toward additional opportunities ripe for upsell or cross-sell.


Revegy helps us determine where the customer’s business is going, and how we can help them get there. Our goal is to help customers achieve their objectives”

Charlie Jonesrebandt,
Director, Process Alignment & Integration
Siemens Digital Industries

It's much more powerful than anything we were using in the past because it connects individual projects to whitespace and existing relationships that can drive value-based initiatives.”

Patrick Fondaneche,
Group Strategic Accounts Program, Head of Operations
@ Capgemini

users love us

In a remote workplace situation, it is important that all team members be aware of the current status of an opportunity and their required actions. Revegy helps you better understand your specific role with each opportunity. This has given us the benefit of improved speed of execution, and fewer errors.”

User in an enterprise Telecommunications organization


Revegy gave us a clear line of sight into sales strategy execution. Because of this, Fujitsu was able to reduce the sales cycle by 43 days. We were also able to achieve a 14% improvement in Sales, Revenue, and Margin.”

Cameron Belt, Sales Enablement Leader
@ Fujitsu

users love us

The use of Revegy has enabled a more globally-consistent use of a standard sales methodology and process… In some cases, this has led to shorter sales cycles, and in other cases, larger deal sizes. A more customer-centric consultative sales approach enabled by Revegy has led to discovery of more pipeline.”

Administrator in an enterprise Computer Software organization