Vendor to Strategic Partner Series


Vendor to Strategic Partner: Putting Principles Into Practice

This capstone webinar will demonstrate how the core tenets of creating customer value – knowing your client, developing financial insights, tailoring your message, and delivering measurable business value – work within the context of a real-world case study. 

In this blog series you will learn how to:

  • Optimize revenue through strategic account management
  • Leverage customer insights to drive powerful business relationships
  • Reduce churn and maintain trusted advisor status

Tim Braman
VP Corporate Strategy & Global Accounts, Revegy

Stephen Timme
President & Founder, Finlistics


Vendor to Strategic Partner: Uncovering Insights to Generate Customer Value

The Revegy and Finlistics partnership series starts with an engaging conversation between Tim Braman and Dr. Stephen Timme outlining the strategic framework for generating customer value.