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$24,673,899,012 Revenue Managed
20% Revenue Growth

Revegy Solutions

Collaboration. Consistency. Relationship building.

Traditional account planning is ad hoc, disorganized, reliant on individuals using redundant systems and typically doesn’t scale. Most sales organizations do account planning but lack the tools or formal process to create and execute strategic account plans that drive revenue growth.

Our team of smart, passionate professionals pioneered strategic account planning technology for complex enterprise sales organizations, and developed a codified framework for unlocking the full lifetime value of every customer relationship.


A Visual Approach to Account-Based Selling

With the constantly evolving landscape in B2B sales, relying on methodologies, training programs and Sales Force Automation systems to drive sales effectiveness often falls short in reinforcing true account-based selling behaviors.

Revegy unlocks the value of data formerly sequestered in traditional manual sales processes to deliver actionable insights that provide a clear view of the buyer landscape that is absolute and complete. Our collaborative visual platform delivers a complete view of the stakeholders, influencers, buying centers, and business priorities so reps can strategically align sales activities with prospects’ business goals.

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Maximize Performance with Sales Territory Mapping. Balance Skills and Resources.

Territory planning has taken center stage in the sales world in recent years. Top performing companies recognize that in order to attract top talent, they need to be able to give them fertile hunting ground.

Likewise, key customers keep the lights on, so it’s important to be able to address their needs quickly when they arise, which means being able to get resources available quickly.

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