The #1 Sales Execution Platform for Sales Teams

Drive revenue across key accounts with deeper relationships and line of sight to customer goals with Revegy’s account-based sales execution platform.

The More You Know

With Revegy, your sales teams understand which relationships to focus on, connections between key stakeholders, and customer goals and objectives. That’s powerful stuff — and it yields results that transform sales teams and benefit your business.
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Optimize Revenue

Grow revenue and wallet share by focusing on the right people and the solutions that align with their objectives.
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Improve Pipeline Predictability

Gain crucial context and insights that power more accurate forecasts and build predictable pipelines.
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Streamline Sales Processes

Remove blind spots and information silos to create consistent, scalable, cross-functional sales execution plans.

Grow Revenue More Predictably with Revegy

As the leading account-based sales execution platform, leading sales organizations rely on Revegy to hit their targets.

Help your sales teams align with buying groups in one easy-to-use place. Give sales managers a single source of insight into account plans and areas for coaching.

Most importantly, enable your team to execute the sales strategy and grow revenue.

For Sales Professionals, By Sales Professionals

We know it takes a village to make a sale, retain customers, and expand key accounts. That’s why we designed the Revegy platform – to help your sales team see the way to win.®

Revegy provides the intelligence your sales team needs to execute against goals. You benefit from a more accurate and nuanced view of your pipeline, enabling better forecasting and more effective, coordinated sales strategies.

Sales Leaders

Revenue optimization begins with a consistent sales process. Revegy helps guide your reps through a buyer-focused sales process, ensuring a proven, repeatable sales motion driven by verifiable outcomes.

Sales Enablement

Revegy enables sales operations professionals to become even more strategic. You can access data in one place and leverage analytical dashboards and visualizations for insights that truly move the needle on your overall sales efforts.

Sales Operations

Help your portfolio companies find more success. Empower them with our sales execution platform to increase customer retention and drive revenue growth.

Private Equity

Navigating Buying Groups Webinar

Navigating Buying Groups: How to Identify and Conquer

In the world of B2B sales, buying groups have become more complex and harder to navigate. The lay of the land seemingly changes at every turn! How are we, as sellers, to identify and engage the right people?

Watch Chris Cameron, Revegy’s Sales Director, and Jessica Stephens, Blackhawk Network Holdings’ Director, Global Revenue Operations as they discuss the growing complexity of buyer groups and how to identify and engage key stakeholders to avoid blind spots.


Revegy helps us determine where the customer’s business is going, and how we can help them get there. Our goal is to help customers achieve their objectives”

Charlie Jonesrebandt,
Director, Process Alignment & Integration
Siemens Digital Industries

It's much more powerful than anything we were using in the past because it connects individual projects to whitespace and existing relationships that can drive value-based initiatives.”

Patrick Fondaneche,
Group Strategic Accounts Program, Head of Operations
@ Capgemini

users love us

In a remote workplace situation, it is important that all team members be aware of the current status of an opportunity and their required actions. Revegy helps you better understand your specific role with each opportunity. This has given us the benefit of improved speed of execution, and fewer errors.”

User in an enterprise Telecommunications organization


Revegy gave us a clear line of sight into sales strategy execution. Because of this, Fujitsu was able to reduce the sales cycle by 43 days. We were also able to achieve a 14% improvement in Sales, Revenue, and Margin.”

Cameron Belt, Sales Enablement Leader
@ Fujitsu

users love us

The use of Revegy has enabled a more globally-consistent use of a standard sales methodology and process… In some cases, this has led to shorter sales cycles, and in other cases, larger deal sizes. A more customer-centric consultative sales approach enabled by Revegy has led to discovery of more pipeline.”

Administrator in an enterprise Computer Software organization

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Revegy helps these world-class enterprise sales organizations literally see what’s going on inside their largest accounts.