See the way to win

Revegy is a sales platform for key account management. It helps you navigate the maze of changing relationships, competing interests, and corporate politics – so you can see the way to win.

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30,000 Global Users
$ 24,673,899,012 Revenue Managed
20% Revenue Growth

Revegy Solutions

See what you’re missing

Why create account plans that are quickly dated and never executed?

With Revegy, you create living account plans that adapt to changing customer needs, evolving relationships, and unexpected events. Planning that gets everyone on the same page and guides execution. So, you can see the way to win.


See the complete opportunity picture

Ever had an important deal that was certain to close but didn’t? And then started to wonder about other unpleasant surprises in your forecast?

Revegy helps you see the decision makers, full cast of influencers, their actuals goals and what’s going on behind the scenes. When you can see the complete picture, you can see the way to win.

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See how to achieve your goal

You have your territories and comp plans set. Now, how are you going to achieve your sales goals?

With Revegy you can see which accounts to focus on first within a territory and gain a birds-eye view of revenue potential, progress, and risks across all territories. When you can see the evolving sales landscape, you can see the way to win.

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