See What Matters Most

Check your blindspot.

It finally happened. Your biggest account just blindsided you with a corporate strategy shift you didn’t see coming. If you want to stay ahead of the game, you’ve got to see the influencers, their goals, and the dynamics going on behind the scenes. Only then can you navigate the key account maze and never be blindsided again.

See the People


At the end of the day, sales is about people. When you know who the decision makers are and what they care about, you can help inform their decisions. If you do it correctly, they may even help others see the value in your products and services too.
Revegy helps you see the key stakeholders inside key accounts, identify friends, foes and influencers.  
When you can see the people, you can see the way to win.

See the Priorities


Not exactly sure how your solution fits into your client’s overall strategic plan for the year? If you don’t know what priorities are competing for your client’s attention, you may end up blindsided. You know you need to plan around these priorities – but how can you, when you can’t even see them?
With Revegy, you can see the client’s priorities – not just your primary contact’s wish list, but the strategic goals of the entire organization.  
When you can see the priorities, you can see the way to win.

See the Progress


Upgrade your methodology from the ignored and neglected stacks of forms and powerpoint decks. Wouldn’t be nice if you could actually follow through on your strategic game plan? Operationalizing your methodology means that you can turn your sales and account management strategies into a series of actionable and measurable steps.
Revegy lets you keep an eye on your own goals, accurately predict when a customer will be ready to buy, and identify gaps in your messaging.
When you can see the progress, you can see the way to win.