An Interview on Key Account Planning with Mark Kopcha

In the Smart Selling Tool’s executive interview series, Nancy Nardin interviews sales tool providers and gets real about the problems they’re solving and why you should care (or not care). An interview with Mark Kopcha, Revegy’s President and CEO, discusses Revegy and how a customer-centric knowledge base is the cornerstone of a successful sales program. Mark talks about ways to help salespeople better identify and close opportunities, and reveals a list of critical questions that sales leaders should ask themselves when assessing their current key account planning situation.

Mark also examines the consequences of mismanaging key accounts and how it inhibits revenue growth. This leads to an examination of not only the differences between Revegy and a CRM and what Revegy brings to the table that a CRM platform cannot, but also highlights the ramifications of poor account planning.

To learn more about how Revegy helps sales teams visually align their solutions with their key customer’s goals and objectives, read the full interview here.

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