How to Prevent Q4 Goals From Slipping

Opportunity Planning

No matter the industry or what is being sold, there is always the pressure to close Q4 deals. As every salesperson knows, deals can take their sweet time – particularly when dealing with B2B solutions.

In order to learn more about how sales leaders prevent Q4 deals from slipping, Revegy spoke with six sales leaders who shared their best tactics. We have compiled their feedback and chosen the top five tactics shared by the experts themselves.

1. Reassess your sales process.
2. Draw it out. No, literally draw it out.
3. Create a sense of urgency.
4. Work together.
5. Acknowledge risk.
6. Have a plan.

These six tactics allow sales leaders to map out blind spots, relationship masks and risks that delay or kill opportunities. Read the documents above to see an in-depth explanation of each strategy.

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