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If you’ve heard about creating an account plan or account management but you haven’t yet dipped a toe in, here’s what you need to know:

Many times, we find that key accounts are ripe with other/bigger opportunities. Whether you can cross-sell or upsell, you have a chance to expand, or you’ve added additional features that you know a current account would find beneficial… there’s always a way to add more value. Whatever the opportunity, we’re willing to bet there’s something you haven’t run across yet. That’s where account planning comes in.


Your teams should constantly be evaluating their current accounts. The best and most customer-centric way to do that is to stay in touch. However, even if they haven’t been 100% keeping up with the Kardashians, your account teams are likely to have heard about recent acquisitions, expansions, leadership changes, and other hot-off-the-presses information. Combine current events with general expertise on your portfolio of offerings, and there is likely a very good excuse to engage customers in conversation. When account teams can stay “in the know”, account planning is made that much easier.

When there’s a strategy shift, you can get in front of competitors by keeping your finger on the pulse. With up-to-date account intel, you’ll know the right person to reach out to at the right time and with the right information. With regular (relevant!) interactions, you may be able to upsell before you even realize it (okay, that last one is a stretch, but we’ve seen it happen before!).

Image of Account Planning TemplateAgain, if this is your first time creating an account plan, don’t worry. We have everything you need, including a comprehensive template for account planning that will get your team aligned and ready to hit the ground running. In addition to the account planning template, this brand-new eBook fully explains the ‘why’ of account planning while also offering you the essential tools your team needs to collaborate on account management. Learn more and get your eBook now.



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