E-book | What Type of KAM Solution is Right for You?

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Your Key Account Management (KAM) platform should provide a competitive advantage. The right solution will clearly demonstrate how you can co-create and plan jointly with key accounts, how you can track their strategic goals, plug gaps and grow together. Further, it will enable account managers to help customers visualize their strategic roadmaps and how they will help them get there. This type of platform can accelerate the buyer’s journey as well as drive strategic value creation at every level.

But not all KAM enablement platforms are the same. Depending on your business model, goals and stage of maturity, you need to pick the platform that best suits your needs. First, it would help to identify where you stand today on KAM enablement.

Knowing Where You Stand

Many enterprises already have some basic building blocks of key account management in place. No matter what investments you have already made to support your key account goals, the critical questions to ask at this stage are:

  • Which building blocks are already in place?
  • How are these elements connected to deliver a full strategic KAM imperative?
  • Are they adequate given the speed at which your key accounts and business ecosystem are transforming?

 Once you have a realistic assessment of where you are, it’s easier to select the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Download the KAM Solution Buyers Guide and complete a quick key account management self-assessment exercise to determine which category most closely aligns with your program today and learn the most important consideration areas based on your current state.

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