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Revegy Reimagines Collaboration and Whitespace Mapping

Revegy Reimagines Collaboration and Whitespace Mapping

New features in the Revegy account planning platform help leading companies drive revenue.


ATLANTA, Ga. – October 21, 2019 – Revegy, the enterprise account planning platform for revenue optimization, rolled out two new features in their Fall Release: Whitespace+ and Contacts+.



See the optimal path to revenue in your key accounts.

Revegy reimagines whitespace mapping with their new Whitespace+ package. Alternative whitespace solutions focus on one part of the picture, product information. Revegy’s Whitespace+ is able to take a variety of data from across your account plan and summarize it at a decision-making level. The compilation of qualitative and quantitative information delivered in a visually appealing way is unique to the Revegy platform.

Enhancements of whitespace planning include:

  • A robust supporting tool kit that adapts to users’ evolving needs for identifying new up-sell opportunities
  • Pre-created visualizations
  • Multiple layouts to see the data represented in different ways
  • Renewal information to help manage timelines and prioritize tasks
  • The ability to leverage information from several sources within the platform to populate a customized, up-to-date whitespace map

By providing clarity within key accounts, Whitespace+ makes cross-selling and upselling far easier by showing users information such as business unit product penetration, competitors in play, and future potential.

“There isn’t any other technology in the market that helps you see the optimal path to revenue in your enterprise customers’ the way Whitespace+ can,says Revegy CEO, Mark Kopcha. “We understand that within any organization the key to success is growing the 20% of accounts responsible for 80% of their revenue. Being able to see where future opportunities lie in these accounts is absolutely essential to helping them achieve their revenue goals.”



Assess the strength of relationships through your email interaction activity.

The all-new Contacts+ package boosts Revegy’s relationship management capability through an integration with Outlook 365.

Contacts+ looks at a combination of email and meeting activities to help companies understand and quantify the strength of their relationships. Measuring the volume of incoming email correspondence, for example, can validate a positive impression that a sales rep has reported or provide a point of transparency to prompt an account plan review.

The Contacts+ package also offers collaborative features that help sales teams make connections faster by identifying opportunities for introduction within their own organization. Using Contacts+ data, users can identify colleagues with more established relationships and request valuable introductions to targeted key stakeholders.

“Contacts+ is a unique intelligence feature that allows users to assess their client relationships and make faster, more strategic connections,” explains Anne Kimsey, Revegy’s Vice President of Product Management. “This product promises to help our customers connect the dots in their relationship maps, increasing productivity and driving revenue growth.”

Both features are available immediately. For more information, visit Revegy at 


About Revegy

Revegy, a leading sales platform for key account revenue optimization, enables companies to visualize what’s going on inside their largest accounts by mapping people, priorities and progress. Closing the gap between CRM and sales methodology programs, Revegy provides powerful visual solutions for account, opportunity and portfolio planning. Founded in 2005, Revegy helps sales teams navigate the maze of changing relationships, competing interests and corporate politics that accompany large accounts. The only agnostic platform of its kind, Revegy is designed to work with any CRM and any sales methodology. More than 30,000 users around the world rely on Revegy to manage nearly $25 billion in revenue. For more information, and to see the way to win, visit or follow the company via Twitter and LinkedIn.

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