Revegy Introduces New Pricing for Platform Offerings to Optimize Revenue Growth and Manage Key Accounts

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Choose the Plan That Best Fits Your Sales Execution Maturity with Account-Based Sales Technology That Gives Your Team One Source of Truth.

Atlanta, Ga – November 1, 2021

Revegy, a leader in account-based sales execution technology, has announced a new pricing model. The three-tiered offering accommodates sales organizations at all stages of growth and sophistication. This stepped approach gives leaders the option to start using the platform based upon the maturity of their current sales process. These tiers include the entry-level “Engage and Develop,” mid-level platform “Strategy and Value,” and top-tier “Enterprise” options.

“Successful sales execution requires a combination of people, processes, and technology,” said Mark Kopcha, Revegy’s CEO and Founder. “It is important that revenue technology solutions align with an organization’s process needs and maturity.  Therefore, we have created three offering levels within the Revegy platform. As the salespeople and processes become more sophisticated, Revegy advances with them to support their revenue growth.”

Engage and Develop

Engage and Develop helps account-based sales teams of any level jumpstart revenue growth. This tier offers sellers a starting point to develop a structured, consistent practice around sales execution.

  • Relationship Maps – Understand who has authority, who influences whom, and influencers’ role in account expansion or complex deals.
  • Goals and Objectives – Increase account sales teams’ effectiveness, providing a consistent way to share intel, assign tasks, remove internal silos, and eliminate blind spots.
  • Mutual Plans – Create a joint plan of action with customers to successfully manage opportunity sales cycles from Stage 1 to Closed-Won.
  • Usage Reporting – Monitor platform utilization with clear and accessible reporting and one-click exports.


Strategy and Value

Strategy and Value helps to elevate an account-based sales program with a more intelligently informed approach. In this package, sales teams benefit from everything included with Engage and Develop, plus:

  • Strategy Maps – Collaborate with prospects and customers to gain creditability and insight into their business needs using visual tools to document their key business goals and initiatives.
  • Account & Opportunity Plans – Simplify the management of complex deals by leveraging intelligent tools and playbooks.
  • Revenue Growth Ideas – Benefit from a collaborative hub to brainstorm and develop ideas for revenue growth before entering new opportunities into the CRM.
  • Scorecards – Ensure sales teams focus on the right opportunities and activities to move them forward by keeping scorecards on prospects and customers.
  • Analytics – Understand crucial information and identify risks with executive-level insights into accounts and KPIs.


The Enterprise offering enables cross-functional collaboration among revenue-generating teams to expand existing accounts and drive new deals. The Enterprise level offers everything from Strategy & Value, plus:

  • Advanced Account & Opportunity Plans – Create easy-to-follow, digitized execution plans at any scale while preserving consistency with established methodologies and processes.
  • Playbooks – Drive consistency and execution of winning playbooks to ensure key account growth. Leverage documented plays to provide on-time coaching.
  • Whitespace Analysis – Find the optimal path to revenue by uncovering unmet needs and aligning solutions. Help account teams identify and capitalize on expansion opportunities.
  • Call Plans – Help teams effectively execute sales meetings with a space to define goals, drive accountability, and provide a seamless buying experience.


These offerings are designed to provide revenue leaders with the revenue intelligence necessary to ensure everyone is executing the strategy and leveraging insights to prevent blind spots. The Revegy platform offers improved visibility, increased sales velocity, and consistent strategy execution.

For more details about Revegy’s tiered platform offerings, click here.

For product demos or to speak with a Revegy spokesperson, email


Revegy is the global provider of only sales execution platform for account-based selling. The Revegy platform is a game-changing source of insight for sales teams, helping them build trusting relationships within the key accounts that fuel revenue. Founded in 2005, Revegy helps sales teams streamline sales processes, increase revenue, and create a predictable pipeline using our account planning and execution solution. More than 50,000 users from industry-leading companies like Fujitsu, Comcast, and Capgemini rely on Revegy to manage over $30 billion in revenue. For more information, visit 

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