5 Obstacles to Successful Key Account Growth

We all know that all clients are not created equal. Your approach to managing and growing your most strategic accounts impacts your ability to optimize revenue. Why Focus on Key Accounts? Key Accounts are your most profitable, scalable, and tenured clients. For many companies, they are typically large, complex global entities with multiple buying units, […]

4 Ways to Focus Your B2B Enterprise Sales Team

B2B enterprise sales in the modern world is no small feat. The complexity of deals – from multiple decision-makers to prolonged buying cycles – demands that smart teams come armed with a strategic, thoughtful approach to every deal. Big-name methodologies (and the annual training that often accompanies them) are common in companies trying to tackle […]

Your CRM Isn’t Built for Key Account Management

Why CRM Isn't Enough

As you consider the right investments to enable your KAM teams to drive revenue (uncovering and winning immediate business) and long term strategic partnerships (creating value to help clients grow), it is crucial to put the right platform in place to reinforce and operationalize the program. While CRMs can serve as the global warehouse for […]

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