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In enterprise B2B sales, deals are large, complex, and long-cycle, with a higher-than-average number of stakeholders and decision-makers, many of whom have conflicting goals and needs. The Revegy sales execution platform makes it easy to understand these complex accounts and gain the strategic insights to effectively position your organization as the “vendor of choice.”

Do More with the Industry’s Leading Sales Execution Platform.

No matter your sales methodology, Revegy gives sales teams one-click access to the data, processes, and resources they need to create high-impact account interactions, close more deals, and drive more revenue for your business.


Understand who has authority, who influences whom, and what role influencers play in complex deals. Build and maintain relationships with key decision-makers throughout the customer lifecycle.

White space

Identify unmet needs within existing accounts so you can provide relevant, timely solutions. Understand where there are opportunities to add value and expand your wallet share.

Account Planning

Systematize and institutionalize strategic account planning to increase customer retention. Empower sales teams with a consistent way to share intel, remove silos, and eliminate blind spots.


Achieve predictable revenue growth with repeatable, scalable data analytics and reporting. Check progress against plans in real time and coach teams better by knowing exactly where to focus.

Optimize Your Sales Engine.


Revegy is a sales execution platform that aligns sales teams with a proven sales framework to drive more revenue fast. Leveraging a single source of truth, all stakeholders, from sales reps to executives, can easily find what they need, coordinate sales workflows, and quickly increase revenue.


Revegy provides the intelligence your sales team needs to close deals and identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities. You benefit from an accurate and nuanced view of your pipeline, enabling better forecasting and effective, coordinated sales strategies.


Revenue growth begins with sales intelligence data. Revegy provides your reps with advanced account insights, empowering them to deploy a buyer-focused sales methodology and ensuring a faster-converting pipeline.


Revegy allows sales operations professionals to become more strategic. Teams can access account data in a single place and leverage tools and reporting, including customer relationship maps, account overview charts and graphs, and whitespace analyses for insights that produce results.


Revegy easily integrates with your portfolio companies’ existing CRMs, providing you with mouse-click access to the data you need to gain a comprehensive view of sales opportunities, activities, and performance across your portfolio.

Why Sales Teams Love Revegy Today…And Tomorrow.

You’ll Always Have a Holistic Overview of Your Pipeline

Deal velocity requires complete visibility into account opportunities and sales performance without requiring administrative resources for data analysis. Revegy gives you a single source of truth in real time so that you can focus on strategy, not spreadsheets.

You Can Ensure Each Sales Activity Has a Revenue-Generating Impact

Sales teams often spend a significant amount of time performing grunt work. Revegy empowers sellers to work more strategically, providing reps with a standardized, replicable enterprise sales process that optimizes individual bandwidth and allows reps to prioritize opportunities, understand their buyers, and personalize their interactions to drive deals forward quickly.

You Can Focus on What Matters: The Customer

The sales landscape has changed. Customers are taking control of their purchasing experiences, product knowledge is democratized, and pricing models are under pressure. Revegy empowers you to build plans that deliver results, providing insights into each account’s key decision-makers, value drivers, and trends – ensuring every touchpoint in the sales workflow is value added for the customer.

Stay One Step Ahead

Revegy gives you the account insight, sales framework, and performance tracking and reporting you need to sell smarter and faster. See what our customers have to say.

Create a Sophisticated Tech Stack For Sales

The Revegy sales execution platform easily integrates with the technology you already use across your sales ecosystem so that you can work smarter.

We Invest in Your Success

A successful sales strategy starts with successful onboarding and implementation. Our team is always available from the beginning and ready to help when and where you need it most.

The Technology You Can Trust

Our enterprise-grade platform is designed with security, compliance, and trust in mind.


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