How It Works

Drive more revenue, faster with the only complete Sales Execution Platform.

Platform Overview

Revegy’s sales execution platform helps sales teams stay aligned, deepen relationships, and drive measurable impact on revenue in their most important accounts and opportunities. In short, we help salespeople see the way to win.®

Your CRM shows you:

  • A job title
  • Contact information
  • Opportunity dollars

Revegy shows you:

  • Strength of influencer relationships
  • Your clients’ goals and objectives
  • A path to revenue growth

Relationship Mapping

Understand who has authority, who influences whom, and what role influencers play in account expansion or complex deals. Maintain and build relationships with key decision-makers throughout the customer lifecycle.

white space mapping

White Space Identification

See account potential and unmet needs within existing accounts so you can provide relevant, timely solutions. Understand where the opportunities are to add value and expand your wallet share.

Strategic Account Planning

Visually organize sales account plans and next steps to increase your team’s effectiveness. Provide unified playbooks and a consistent way to share intel, remove silos, and eliminate blind spots.

Product Screens Sales Process
Product Screens - Account Planning

Robust Analytics

Achieve predictable revenue growth with a repeatable, scalable, collaborative process in a single pane of glass. Understand the true health of your accounts and opportunities, and coach teams better by knowing exactly where to focus.

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