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Webinar | AI Transformed: Harnessing the Power of AI for Success

Unlock the Future of Sales with Artificial Intelligence

Are you ready to revolutionize your sales strategy and surge ahead in today’s competitive market? Watch on-demand for an enlightening webinar where we delve into the game-changing world of AI in Sales.

In this session, you will:

  • Gain Strategic Insights: Discover how AI reshapes the sales landscape and learn practical strategies to leverage its power for unparalleled success.
  • Maximize Efficiency: Explore cutting-edge AI tools and techniques designed to streamline your sales processes, increase productivity, and boost revenue.
  • Personalize Customer Experiences: Dive deep into the world of predictive analytics and learn how to create personalized interactions that resonate with your customers.
  • Unlock Hidden Opportunities: Harness the data-driven capabilities of AI to identify untapped markets, predict customer behavior, and make informed business decisions.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Stay updated with the latest advancements in AI and learn how to integrate them seamlessly into your sales operations for a competitive edge.

Watch now and elevate your sales game with AI!


Connect with John

​​John is the CEO of JB Sales, an organization focused on elevating the people and profession of sales through training, content and events. He has trained some of the world’s fastest growing sales teams like, Zoom and LinkedIn and many others. He is an active seller who still does his own prospecting and manages all his own deals because he believes that you can’t teach Sales unless you live it, especially with how fast everything is evolving in the space right now.

John’s goal is to change the negative perception of Sales and help sales professionals achieve success by doing it the right way because he believes that when Sales is done right it’s one of the greatest professions in the world but when done wrong it’s one of the worst. To further support this goal and introduce Sales as a career to the younger generations he is also the proud author of an Amazon bestselling children’s book called “I want to be in Sales when I grow up” that he wrote with his daughter.


Connect with Richard

Teaching sales reps how to earn the right to ask questions, which questions to ask, and when is the primary driver for Richard. He brings 20+ years of experience, having done all the roles, SDR, AE, Manager, Director, VP of Sales, and Director of Sales Ops to the table. His client list includes Fortune brands as well as start-ups, including Zoom, Salesforce, Human Interest, Dusty Robotics, Gainsight, and more. He’s also the co-founder of Surf and Sales as well as the host of the Surf and Sales Podcast and his newest podcast, Sales Rants with Richard. He lives in Northern California with his wife, Cathy, sons, Riley and Bodhi, and two Cavapoos, Lola and Luna.


Connect with Bill

Driven technology executive with 20+ years of engineering and project management experience who enjoys a fast-paced environment. Effective communicator with clients, executives, boards, and employees. Hands-on leader with the ability to manage results-oriented teams that are geographically dispersed. Experienced in overseeing architecture decisions, technology budgets, technical documentation, client communications, and security. Bill has a strong general technical backgro

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