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Webinar | Sales on the Move: Embracing Agility for a Changing Sales Journey

Watch Luiz Martins, CMO of Revegy, and esteemed guest speakers Donald C Kelly, Founder and The Sales Evangelist, and Doug Inda, SVP of Enterprise Client Development at Syndigo, as they delve into the key elements of an agile sales approach from start to finish: 

  • Learn how to adapt to tighter budgets without compromising sales performance.
  • Leverage sales and marketing technology to streamline processes and close more deals.
  • Cut through the noise of abundant data and provide meaningful value to buyers.
  • Succeed in a remote sales environment with effective communication and virtual presentations.
  • Position yourself as a trusted advisor and meet the needs of today’s ever-changing sales landscape.
  • And more!

Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your pipeline, embrace agility in sales, and propel your success forward.


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