Webinar | Navigating Buying Groups: How to Identify and Conquer

Categories: Sales Execution

In the world of B2B sales, buying groups have become more complex and harder to navigate. The lay of the land seemingly changes at every turn! How are we, as sellers, to identify and engage the right people? 

Gartner tells us that buyers will only spend 17% of their evaluation time meeting with potential vendors. The rest of their time is spent on independent research and consulting with peers. Therefore, when a salesperson does secure time with buyers, they had better engage with relevance. Also, it’s just as important to identify and connect with the right people in a buying group at the right time. With so little face time with the buyer, how can anyone do this effectively enough to ensure they don’t get whacked from behind in the 11th hour? 

Watch Chris Cameron, one of Revegy’s sales leaders, and Jessica Stephens, Blackhawk Network Holdings’ Director, Global Revenue Operations, as they discuss the growing complexity of buyer groups and how to identify and engage key stakeholders to avoid blind spots. They share real-world examples of how to apply these concepts from a buying cycle Jessica just completed with Revegy! 

In this session, you will learn how to easily navigate ever-expanding buying groups. The topics covered include: 

  • How to effectively research the buying groups 
  • Tips for identifying key stakeholders and champions 
  • New personas that have popped up in recent years 
  • Important items to track and document to build intel 
  • Ways to leverage internal partners to penetrate buying groups

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