Revegy Case Study

Industry-leading Software Automation Solution Improves Forecasting Accuracy 25% and Boosts Sales Velocity with Revegy

Categories: Sales Execution

Using the Revegy platform, a $31M software automation organization improved forecast accuracy by 25% while reducing time to revenue realization by 20%.

“One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen using Revegy is related to revenue predictability. We’ve seen a 25% improvement in forecast accuracy, which equips us to make strategic business decisions.”   – VP of Sales, North America

The Challenge: Struggling with Sales Execution

The organization used Salesforce’s CRM platform for forecasting and pipeline management but lacked a transparent process for actioning the system’s data. The sales team needed to translate the data to inform strategic steps toward actualizing their revenue goals. Without a clear understanding of what was happening in their opportunities, the team struggled with inaccurate forecasts and missing key account growth pathways.

The Solution:

Implementing the Revegy platform to complement the legacy CRM provided actionable insights to inform strategic engagement with existing accounts. The optimal path for revenue growth was clear-cut because they could see the established relationships within an account alongside each stakeholder’s preferences. The value added by the visibility led to an impressive 100% adoption rate by the team.

Opportunity Profiling

In addition to visualizing revenue potential by buying stage, the organization could evaluate each opportunity through individual opportunity scorecards. The 360-degree pipeline visibility has helped develop more predictable forecasting, improving accuracy by 25%.

Collaborative Account Planning

The Revegy platform was purpose-built for collaboration. For example, Relationship and Influence maps serve as the backdrop for internal meetings and value-driven conversations with clients.

Scalable Key Account Management

The ability to operationalize their opportunity planning program meant the sales team realized near-immediate results with Revegy. Embracing an incremental implementation strategy, they reduced the time to revenue realization by 20% within their most strategic accounts and expanded account partnerships over time.

Forecasting accuracy and deal velocity are two areas the organization uses as barometers of success. Since implementing Revegy at the beginning of 2018, the organization has seen a 25% improvement in its forecasting accuracy. Opportunities are also progressing through the sales process more quickly, as aspects of the deal requiring deeper focus are highlighted earlier with the Revegy platform’s aid.

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