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Fujitsu Increases Revenue, Accelerates Sales Velocity Using Revegy

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Fujitsu Americas sees improvement in Sales, Margins; accelerates Sales Velocity with the aid of Revegy’s platform

The Customer

Fujitsu Americas is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited committed to the design, development, and delivery of digital technology solutions and services for the business enterprise. They employ approximately 5,200 staff members and are an estimated $1.3 Billion company.

The Challenge

Fujitsu Americas was using a home-grown account planning system when they experienced challenges related to the increasing complexity of their database of digital solutions and services. Their system did not enable the flexibility required to advance their digital strategy, instead added more manual work for the sales team.

Fujitsu sales success case study

“Account planning needs to be an executable strategy and not just a ‘capturing’ exercise for our sales team.” – Dale Mitchell, Head of Sales Operations Enablement and Digital Transformation at Fujitsu Americas

During fiscal years 17 and 18, Fujitsu redoubled its efforts to drive revenue by focusing on expanding key accounts. As a result of their work, they began building new relationships, adding multiple buying centers, and dealing with new decision-makers. The complexity of these new efforts hindered their progress on upsell and cross-sell efforts and also caused a lack of internal alignment and gaps in the touchpoints necessary for timely execution.

Defining Their Account Planning Goals

To address the changing environment, Fujitsu set improvement goals to include:

  1. Move account planning to a digital, highly accessible platform that would become the single source of truth for critical client knowledge
  2. Create an action-based, straightforward plan to foster living documentation and execution support
  3. Implement a process that would empower sales reps to be the “Captain of the Account Team” and enable future-focused team collaboration
  4. Adopt a revenue growth tool that fosters customer collaboration

Revegy and Fujitsu Partner to Implement New Platform and Strategy

A Platform to Fit Specific Fujitsu Solution Needs

Fujitsu needed a solution that was specific to its business operations. A few examples include:

  • A platform that could sync Salesforce tasks to account goals and objectives
  • Customizable playbooks based on the Challenger sales methodology that can accommodate a variety of deal sizes and offering categories
  • An interface that is user-friendly and easily adjusts to the specifications of each deal

Since Fujitsu had already gone through extensive implementation and training on the tool that they were currently using, it was essential that any new solution did not require development or a long training period.

After implementing Revegy, Fujitsu saw their pain points dissipating. The organization has found the Revegy platform to be easy to adopt and user-friendly. Account objectives, goals, and actions are now created as “tasks” with due dates for those impacting the account. Fujitsu can customize playbooks to include persona-based activities.

Increased Reporting and Visual Tools Enable Strategic Planning and Execution

The organization was looking for greater visibility into reporting and better performance and collaboration. The Revegy platform enabled high-level reporting and sales performance insights for the leadership team. In addition, strategy maps and white space maps helped increase revenue by improving retention rates and expansion efforts in key accounts.

Fujitsu has a long, complex sales cycle. If steps are missed, there is real potential for deals to slip in the 11th hour. Leadership needed to create gates so they could do periodic business process reviews. “We’ve integrated Revegy so that when the data has been entered for an account, we can basically press a button, and it will automatically generate the material for that business process review,” said Mitchell.

The Results

Since implementing Revegy, Fujitsu has seen an increase in overall revenue. The organization has also enjoyed a number of unexpected benefits related to the sales cycle.

Fujitsu sales success case study

“Revegy gave us a clear line of sight into sales strategy execution. Because of this, Fujitsu was able to reduce the sales cycle by 43 days. We were also able to achieve a 14% improvement in Sales, Revenue, and Margin.” – Cameron Belt, Sales Enablement Leader at Fujitsu Americas

The additional benefits related to business operations included increased transparency with account review documentation, internal business process documentation, and zero lost data due to employee turnover. “The presence of the influence map and some of the attributes we put on our contact cards have been incredibly valuable when team members transition,” said Michell. “It’s made it much quicker for a rep to get up to speed.”

Fujitsu also notes that client relations improved through the use of Revegy’s Strategy Maps. Sales reps can validate customer strategy with stakeholders and position Fujitsu as a trusted partner.

Fujitsu anticipates that continued use of the Revegy platform combined with the strategies set in place will set them up for long-term success as they expand global collaboration within account teams.

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