Global Internet Security Organization Sees a 22% Increase in Win Rate with Revegy

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The Challenge:

A $2.9 Billion global online security firm built a customized sales methodology to drive growth for the future and an increase in win rate. However, when it came to tools to drive adherence to that methodology, their sales teams were all over the place. Some were using Salesforce, some were using Excel, and some weren’t using anything at all. To drive adherence to the new methodology, the company had to get everyone on the same platform – and make sure that platform reinforced said methodology.

In addition, customers were viewing their product as a single solution versus a platform. They often found themselves in the “knife fight” vs. a solution-value discussion. With the right technology, they could improve their ability to help customers understand business impact.

Defining Their Opportunity Planning Goals

The organization’s top priorities for improvement included:

  1. Align the sales process with the buyer journey
  2. Improve value conversations with executives
  3. Deliver a process that creates predictable, repeatable results
  4. Provide Sales with the tools and resources they need when they need them

According to their own research, this internet security firm found specific value in their top 3 priorities:

White Label Case Study Stat Graphic



Enter Revegy to Implement New Sales Technology Platform and Support their Methodology

A/B Testing Revegy within the Organization to Ensure Growth

“When we considered the four priorities of the organization, as well as the regular hurdles of adoption and training, we looked at a unique solution for internet security. We studied the methodology they had developed and configured our solution to it perfectly. We were able to get them up and running in just a few weeks. And since everything is so visual and intuitive, we had their team trained in no time.” – Head of Sales Enablement

To ensure success, the company ran an A/B test to learn whether the Revegy platform improved customer alignment, drove consistent use of the methodology, and led to an increase in revenue. Half of the sample group used the Revegy platform, and the other half used no technology at all.

The Results

The team that used Revegy saw a 22% increase in Win Rate. The team that did not use technology saw a decrease in Win Rate of 2%. In addition, they found that Revegy users:

  • Doubled Key Accounts Revenue in 3 quarters
  • Increased forecast visibility from 3 months to 3 years
  • Adding $20M in Pipeline
  • Found $1M in Opportunities in just 2 days
  • Reviewed 11 accounts, uncovered $35M in pipeline
  • Measured must win deals, forecast accuracy was 95%
  • 96% Customer Retention

With this proof point, within three months, they had a 50% adoption rate – and that’s without any mandate from leadership. In less than a year, they were at 70% higher adoption than any other software at the organization. And, with everyone on the same page for the first time, leadership finally had the visibility into accounts and opportunities required to improve forecasting and revenue planning.

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