Setting Sales Quotas for Sales Operations Leaders

Sales Quotas

What are Sales Quotas? Sales quotas are the pre-established objectives that a salesperson or a sales team must achieve within a designated time frame. Quotas can be defined as revenue goals, units sold, or new customers acquired. Meeting these targets contributes to organizational success. But sales quotas can also be designed to challenge sales reps […]

Dive Deep into the Modern Sales Landscape with “Sales on the Move” Recap

sales webinar

In our most recent webinar, “Sales on the Move: Embracing Agility for a Changing Sales Journey,” Luiz Martins, the CMO of Revegy, dived into the evolving landscape of the sales journey. With the backdrop of a world still grappling with the aftermath of the pandemic, the webinar attracted nearly 1,500 registrants eager to understand the […]

Become the Sales GOAT – Future-Proof Strategic Account Management

Become the Sales GOAT - Adopt Proactive, Future-Proof Strategic Account Management

In today’s business world, strategic account management and account planning are key to using your marketing and sales resources wisely to increase sales. Unlike traditional sales performance tracking and reporting methodologies, digital tools, such as account management software and sales execution platforms, empower you to target the customers most likely to purchase your goods or […]

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