Achieve Sales Excellence with the Right Sales Methodology

Sales Methodology

A staggering 60% of customers say no to sales reps at least four times before finally saying yes. Surprisingly, almost 48% of salespeople miss out on the β€œyes” because they do not follow up. Yikes! Moreover, as buyers research online and become increasingly well-informed about the abundance of product and service options available, engaging with […]

Dive Deep into the Modern Sales Landscape with “Sales on the Move” Recap

sales webinar

In our most recent webinar, “Sales on the Move: Embracing Agility for a Changing Sales Journey,” Luiz Martins, the CMO of Revegy, dived into the evolving landscape of the sales journey. With the backdrop of a world still grappling with the aftermath of the pandemic, the webinar attracted nearly 1,500 registrants eager to understand the […]

Become the Sales GOAT – Future-Proof Strategic Account Management

Become the Sales GOAT - Adopt Proactive, Future-Proof Strategic Account Management

In today’s business world, strategic account management and account planning are key to using your marketing and sales resources wisely to increase sales. Unlike traditional sales performance tracking and reporting methodologies, digital tools, such as account management software and sales execution platforms, empower you to target the customers most likely to purchase your goods or […]

Unlocking Account Growth with Strategic Account Management

account growth strategy

What is Strategic Account Management and Why It Matters Strategic Account Management (SAM) manages and grows relationships with an organization’s most critical and high-value customers. It involves deploying specialized resources, processes, and technologies to identify, develop, and execute account-specific growth strategies. SAM is vital for organizations looking to drive sustainable revenue growth and maximize customer […]

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