Strategic Selling in the Real World




Ever wonder what strategic selling looks like in the real world with Revegy? Our latest video illustrates why it’s so critical to have visibility and intelligence about the stakeholders, influencers, and decision makers involved in complex B2B sales cycles.

Video Transcript

In the modern sales world, even the most seasoned reps can experience tunnel-vision when it comes to selling into large organizations – too often focusing on single-threaded opportunities and tactical deals. Whether they’re selling into net new prospects or existing accounts, an untold amount of revenue is getting left on the table because reps are blind to the huge potential beyond the deal that’s right in front of them…

Enter Revegy…

An innovative account-based planning platform with built-in visualization that delivers a birds-eye view of the buyer landscape, enabling sales and account teams to see and think strategically – going beyond org charts and CRM data to map out customer goals, key stakeholders and influencers, how they’re connected, what they care about most, and what initiatives take priority for the business…and are therefore most likely to be funded.

By connecting the dots and identifying the most common gaps that stand in the way of reps understanding what customers are trying to do, they can execute account-based plans to align their solutions directly to the corporate goals and objectives of the customer, resulting in  larger, enterprise-wide opportunities that are validated…and valued… by the buyer.

The complexity of B2B sales demands a different approach –  one that puts visibility and intelligence in the hands  of the seller. They say a picture is worth a thousand words – in today’s challenging sales environment, it’s worth millions in untapped revenue.

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