Identify the potential for future growth.

Recognize unmet needs. Be the trusted advisor in your most important accounts.


Solution Overview

What if your sales team had a ‘cheat sheet’ to see where your largest accounts are ready for expansion?

Revegy’s leading sales execution platform helps B2B sales leaders scale penetration efforts in key accounts by leveraging existing relationships to find new opportunities.

We make it easy to see the way to expand your presence in existing accounts. We help your team visualize white space, map key relationships, align the value of your solutions to their business initiatives, and establish repeatable processes.

The path to revenue acceleration is laid out for you!

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“Revegy helps us determine where the customer is going with their business, and how we can help them get there. And that’s our goal, to help our customers achieve their objectives.”

–  Charlie Jonesrebandt
Director, Process Alignment and Integration, Siemens Digital Industries

Key Benefits


Unify Strategy & Approach

Visualization increases your team’s effectiveness, providing a consistent way to share intel removing silos, and eliminating blind spots.


Achieve Consistency

Enable your key account managers with playbooks for building strategies that optimize effectiveness and drive collaboration.

account potential

Gain Account Health Visibility

Leverage insights and coach your team to mitigate the risk of churn and accelerate identification of expansion opportunities.

stakeholders icon

Identify Key Stakeholders

Mitigate risk with a visual guide to understanding critical relationships. See the influencers, potential blind spots, and how to leverage existing connections to expand your footprint.


See Account Potential

Uncover unmet needs in existing accounts with a map of the customer’s goals and objectives. See where you can to add value and expand your presence.

account health

Improve Forecast Accuracy

Orchestrate a repeatable, scalable, collaborative process in a single pane of glass to achieve predictable revenue growth.

Featured Clients

Revegy helps these world-class enterprise sales organizations literally see what’s going on inside their largest accounts.