Account Planning Features and Benefits 


Visually map your client’s business goals, strategies, and departmental initiatives to see where you’re currently driving value, which initiatives are funded, and how to align your solutions.

Assess Relationships

Quickly assess the true health of any account relationship and identify customers at risk.

Aggregate Account Research

Save time by automatically aggregating account research and social media content.

Align Solutions

Build customer loyalty by aligning your products and services with key customer strategies and initiatives.

Adapt to Customer Needs

Create consistency in your teams’ execution while adapting to specific customer needs.

Collaborate Across Teams

Effectively collaborate and share information with your account team and customers.

Identify Opportunities

Easily identify the accounts that offer the best opportunities for additional revenue.

Protect, Defend, and Grow Existing Accounts

Prioritize Key Accounts

Focus on the 20% of your accounts that are driving 80% of your revenue

Identify Whitespace

Map potential upsell and cross-sell opportunities within an account based on your product footprint

Manage Relationships

Maintain and build relationships with key decision makers before the renewal conversation

Align to Customer Objectives

Align your solutions to the buyer goals and initiatives that are most likely to get funding

Build Actionable Account Plans

Organize your work and next steps to make sure nothing slips through the cracks

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I’ve been using Revegy for all my key account and opportunity plans for the last 6 years and my average performance against plan has been 147%.

– Key Account Director, Largest Global Database Software Company

“Since we rolled this out, we’re seeing the benefits in terms of who’re getting access to, better anticipation of our customers’ needs and having a further reaching horizon of projects to work on with our customers.”
– Colin Anderlohr, Senior Director, Sales Effectiveness

“Revegy helps me to penetrate my accounts a lot easier, as well as shorten the sales cycle for my more complex accounts. It has unlocked the power to help my prospect gain better visibility into issues that are holding them back from achieving their corporate goals.” 
–Freddie Snell, Sales Manager

Seeing is Believing

We believe that an image speaks 1000 words. Let us help you reimagine account planning.