Account Planning

Sustain and grow revenue in your most strategic accounts.

Protect and grow strategic account revenue in even the most complex sales situations. See the people who matter and how your solutions meet buyer needs.

See what’s really going on inside the 20% of accounts driving 80% of your revenue.

How can you possibly give your key accounts the attention they need when they’re lumped into the same system as your other 45,948 customers?

Account Planning Reimagined

Collaboration can’t happen in silos. Create living account plans that adapt to changing customer needs, evolving relationships and unexpected events.

Through the power of visualization, managers can see which foundational relationships need to be maintained, identify new voices influencing renewal decisions, map solutions to buyers’ evolving needs, and accurately forecast additional revenue opportunities.

See the Difference

Revegy is not a CRM replacement.  In fact, Revegy is the only platform on the market that can integrate with any CRM to drive customized account plans. Watch Revegy transform CRM data into strategic visuals.

Revegy shows you their influence Your CRM shows you their title
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