Get Started with Account-Based Sales [Infographic]

We have entered an era of account-based everything. Fundamentally, account-based sales is a fancy term for GETTING TO KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS and leading with relevancy. While it feels and sounds simple enough, we know that it takes some time to encourage reps to rethink their sales strategy.

Previously, sales was all about, “Look my shiny widget! Look at how pretty our solution is! How could you ever live in a world without us?!” Today’s buyers are savvy.  They’ve already done their research before they even talk to a sales rep.  Translation: they’re not going to fall for any BS.  

The most successful sales reps start by researching their customers and prospects to uncover their goals, objectives, and needs. Maybe it’s not your solution. That’s okay – they can move on, and your sales team doesn’t waste time.

But, if the rep uncovers an area to add real value or address a pain, there might be a real, viable opportunity!

We’ve created an infographic to outline a few simple ways your team can get started with an account-based sales plan:

Infographic - Account-Based Sales Execution


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