[Infographic] Key Account Management Technology: Evaluating the Solutions

Account-based selling solutions come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Available offerings range from more tactical point solutions – essentially one-size-fits-all apps designed to automate single elements of key account planning. In comparison, more strategic solutions offer a diverse array of features and functionalities to enable account-based planning and execution.

It’s critical to evaluate vendors, prioritize features based on your unique requirements, and understand how well those features function in the solution. Beyond basic features and functionality, you should understand the technology approach to ascertain usability, scalability, and flexibility.

Three key questions to ask about an account planning and execution platform are:

  1. How does it represent data and insights into the account landscape? In other words, can it illustrate the prospect’s corporate structure, buying centers, stakeholder relationship status, goals and objectives, competitive landscape, account plan information, and total potential?
  2. Does it provide custom views for different internal stakeholder personas? For example, are there role-based dashboards that display different levels of information for CXOs vs. team leaders vs. individual account managers? Each view should contain the insights that matter most to their function.
  3. Can it work with any CRM or methodology? Can it quickly adapt to a new CRM or changes to the sales methodology?

Getting insight into these areas early in your evaluation process will help create a shortlist of solutions that are more likely to deliver long-term value across your organization even as your strategy evolves and your needs change. The most progressive platform can get you on a path to account-based sales and start generating revenue growth without delay.

Looking for a complete list of questions to ask to find the right platform for you? Download A Buyer’s Guide for Key Account Management Technology. Here’s a little clue to see if you’re ready for a sophisticated sales execution platform. Click the image to get the full experience!

Infographic - KAM Buyer's Guide Yes-No Chart



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