DEMO | You Need a Sales Execution Platform: Here’s Step 1

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Recently, we introduced a tiered approach to our platform offering. Based on the changes in the market, we realized the maturity of individual organizations’ sales processes and execution varies widely, and therefore their sales technology needs differ. As sales organizations change and update their strategies, the need for a right-sized account-based sales technology at each stage of the sales maturity process becomes irrefutable.

In this session, our Vice President of Global Sales, Joe Monastiero, walks through the first tier of our platform – Engage and Develop. Learn how this first step offering can enable better collaboration between revenue-generating teams. The goal of Engage and Develops is to provide structure to your account-based (a.k.a. key account sales) program. It digitizes the road to building better relationships within buying groups, mapping customer needs to your solutions, creating a shared close plan, and ultimately progressing opportunities through the sales funnel faster.

Check out this webinar of a live demo of Revegy’s Engage and Develop to get a look into Revegy’s relationship maps, goals and objectives, mutual plans, and more.

Then, click here to find learn more about our packaging and pricing options!

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