8 Tips for Excellent Strategic Account Planning for 2023

Your strategic account planning process is integral to optimizing revenue in your largest accounts. In an interview we conducted with Forresters’ Vice President and Principal Analyst  of Sales Operations Strategies, Robert Muñoz, he shared the critical ingredients of effective account plans and how to drive results through living account plans. What is Strategic Account Planning? […]

A World Championship Winning Sales Playbook Guide

Sales playbooks are a critical component of sales success. It provides a roadmap for sales teams to follow, ensuring consistent and efficient sales processes and sales execution. In this blog, you’ll learn about the importance of sales playbooks, what they include, and how to create a sales playbook with a simple template. You’ll be given […]

How Much Revenue Are You Missing From Key Accounts?

Does Key Account Planning really move the needle? According to a CSO Insights study, companies that engage in effective ongoing key account planning have win rates nearly double that of companies without a formal process. Moreover, companies that use a solution designed specifically for account planning have an 11-point advantage over those using manual efforts […]

Driving Key Account Growth: Critical Components

Strategic Sales Planning to Drive Growth

Key Accounts are a B2B company’s most strategic, valuable and long term clients. Many organizations find that penetrating these complex accounts in a strategic, successful way can be even more difficult than getting the first piece of business. One of the major factors keeping B2B key account teams from achieving their goals is that the […]

Achieve Sales Forecasting Accuracy This Year and Beyond

What are the chances of your next sales forecast being accurate? Probably not that great. Accurate forecasting has mystified some of the smartest people in business. In fact, the CSO Insights 2017 World Class Sales Practices Study found that only 40% of respondents said their ability to close deals as originally forecasted met or exceeded […]

Achieving Revenue Growth in the Manufacturing 4.0 World

Manufacturing companies need a specialized solution designed to address the unique challenges of strategic account management in the digital 4.0 world. The solution must be purpose-built, flexible and scalable enough to meet the needs of the increasingly complex customer landscape for large, matrixed, global accounts. Flaws with Tactical Account Planning Sales experts have discovered that […]

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