E-book | The Ultimate Guide to Sales Planning

Cold calling and blanketed emails just don’t work anymore. Buyers expect a better, more personalized experience. The role of sales is to help the buyer solve a problem. Good news for sales organizations, because the result of a targeted sales planning approach is a smarter, more qualified buyer.

To do this successfully, sales leaders need to invest time and money into a sales strategy and supporting plan that their sales teams can easily comprehend and implement.

Why? Because without a plan in place, your teams may be flying blind, missing revenue opportunities, and underserving customers. In fact, Harvard Business Review found that 50% of high-performing sales organizations have “closely monitored, strictly enforced, or automated” sales processes.

As far as we know, money trees still haven’t been invented. The only way to ensure revenue growth is a well-executed plan for acquiring new accounts. As well as keeping those key accounts healthy and ready to buy more. Your sales plan should include specific processes, methodologies, and technology that help guide the sales team to deliver on revenue predictions.

Every organization should create a sales plan for a rolling 12-to-18-month period. By doing so, every team member has transparency into expectations and access to the right tools to make their number. With a bit of effort upfront, you can enable your team with the right playbooks and resources to execute the plan and make quota.

Ready to start building your sales plan? Download The Ultimate Guide to Sales Planning.  It will give you an easy-to-follow guide for more accurate sales forecasting, creating and coaching to account plans, establishing mutual close plans, and more. Let’s get planning!

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Planning

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