Sustain and Grow Revenue in Your Strategic Accounts

When strategic account planning exceeds expectations, your ability to cross-sell or up-sell improves over 90% of the time.*

– Miller-Heiman 2018 Sales Effectiveness Study

Watch Mark Kopcha’s, Revegy CEO, discuss the core tenets of account planning.

Manage Critical Relationships

Stay ahead of organizational changes and see who’s really making the decisions, who’s on your side, and who’s influencing whom.

Retain Customers

Understand how your clients’ strategic goals cascade throughout every department and align your key offerings with where they’re headed tomorrow.

Identify Hidden Revenue Potential

Uncover new opportunities in your biggest accounts by identifying solutions gaps and building cross-departmental relationships

We’ve all been there…


Your biggest account just blindsided you with a corporate strategy shift you didn’t see coming...

That major client who renews every year like clockwork? Well, this time they didn’t

The client  solution you proposed got overshadowed by the urgent executive-led project that just took priority over every other initiative. And, you didn’t see it coming…

Never Get Blindsided Again

See the People

See who’s really making the decisions, who’s on your side, and who’s influencing whom.

See the Priorities

Map your clients’ individual and strategic goals to the value you can add.

See the Progress

Improve forecast accuracy by tracking sales activity and verifiable buyer milestones.

Awards & Recognition

Revegy is a tool that top sales leaders trust

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