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Solution Overview

What if your forecast accuracy improved by 20%? What impact would that have on your revenue target?

Revegy’s leading revenue optimization platform helps B2B sales leaders look into the future to predict their team’s ability to deliver new opportunities with certainty. Mapping out a prospect’s overarching strategy and proactively positioning a solution that addresses their business objectives makes it easy to see the way to win. With a realistic view into relationships, value-alignment to address key pain points, and insight into competing priorities, predictable revenue doesn’t have to be a pipedream.

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“One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen using Revegy is related to revenue predictability. We’ve seen a 25% improvement in forecast accuracy, which equips us to make strategic business decisions.”

–  Vincent Mauro
     Worksoft’s VP of Sales, North America

Key Benefits

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Prioritize High Potential Deals

Get a clear view into pipeline and enable better coaching conversations based on opportunity age and deal risk.

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Identify Key Stakeholders

Mitigate risk with Revegy’s visual guide to understand crucial relationships, remove blind spots, and ensure you have the votes needed to win.

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Produce a Compelling Business Case

Pinpoint initiatives that are immediate priorities and align your solution in a way that communicates a line of sight to the value added.


Establish a Repeatable Process

Bring your sales methodology to life in a tangible way, tying your sales process to a blueprint for accelerating opportunities.


Gain Opportunity Health Visibility

Leverage insights to identify and coach your teams on the high-value opportunities that are most likely to close.

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Build a Predictable Pipeline

Reduce uncertainty by aligning budget, resources, and relationships to construct a predictable revenue stream.

Featured Clients

Revegy helps these world-class enterprise sales organizations literally see what’s going on inside their largest accounts.