Opportunity Planning Features and Benefits

Increase win rates and reduce deal slippage. Revegy visually guides sales teams through the sales process to identify critical knowledge gaps, potential risks, and delay indicators in your key opportunities.  

Manage Decision Makers

See the stakeholder landscape and who is influencing whom

Know their Pain Points

Align your solutions to the customers’ goals that are most likely to get funding

Analyze Your Performance

Understand what factors are influencing win rates, the length of sales cycles, and negotiations

Sales Scorecards

Determine which deals are the most qualified and prioritize to win

Deal Coaching

Mitigate risk in high-value opportunities by coaching key deals

Close More Deals

Analyze qualification and risk factors in sales cycles to increase success

Establish Repeatable Processes

Guide your team through a client-focused sales process, guided by verifiable outcomes.

Close More Deals and Drive Revenue Growth

Manage Decision Makers

See the whole stakeholder landscape to identify influencers and decision makers.

Know Their Pain Points

Identify client pain-points to make a more accurate and compelling business case.

Qualification Scorecards

Pinpoint the most critical decision factors and focus efforts on the most qualified deals.

Close More Deals

Get insight into deals by size and risk level. Coach your team on opportunities to keep your pipeline in the green.

Establish Repeatable Processes

Guide reps through a buyer-focused sales process with integrated, verifiable outcomes.

Analyze Your Performance

Understand what factors are influencing win rates, the length of sales cycles, and negotiations.

Our Clients See Results. Again. And Again.

“Revegy allows us to reinforce the focus on the customer and what they’re trying to do, leading to net new opportunities that we may never have thought about before.”

– VP Strategic Programs, Largest Global Database Software Company

“Revegy has provided a consistent, standard platform for sales planning. The value is that important sales intelligence is captured, shared, and retained even as it’s being used to drive business results.

– Global Process Owner, Fortune 100 Software Company

“Before Revegy, I would miss critical factors in the sales process. It’s a guide, just like a pre-flight checklist for pilots. Not only am I closing more deals, but I also look good in forecast reviews.

–Territory Manager, Computer Software Company

Seeing is Believing

We believe that an image speaks 1000 words. Let us help you reimagine account planning.