Opportunity Planning


See hidden revenue potential.

Ever have an important deal that was certain to close but didn’t? Did you then start to wonder about other unpleasant surprises in your forecast? 

Revegy helps you see all the influencers, their actuals goals, and what’s going on behind the scenes. When you can see the complete picture, you can see the way to win.

Trade in your folders and folders of PowerPoint decks and Excel spreadsheets.

Revegy is for every sales person who knows the feeling of being days from closing a deal when a new decision maker you’ve never seen before pops up.

Sell Smarter

Revegy isn’t a sales tool that adds busy work and keeps you from selling. It’s designed to fit your workflow and actually put your sales methodology into practice, not slow you down with extraneous required fields.

Create living account plans that adapt to changing customer needs, evolving relationships and unexpected events. Through the power of visualization, sales teams can see which foundational relationships need to be maintained, identify new voices influencing renewal decisions, map solutions to buyers’ evolving needs, and accurately forecast additional revenue opportunities.

See the Difference

Revegy is not a CRM replacement.  In fact, Revegy is the only platform on the market that can integrate with any CRM to drive customized account plans

Revegy shows you who to call and what to say Your CRM shows you a list on phone numbers
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